Gergo Keyboard Update!

Good news everyone! The first batch of PCBs and components have shipped and are on their way to my doorstep (ignoring Canada Post shenanigans of course).

I am excited to get the first batch kitted together and start writing the QMK support for the gBaller mouse. This first batch is a limited run with green PCB, no stencil either (so no beautiful hot air reflowing). The production batches will have a black PCB and cost a few bucks extra. Either way, I can't wait to test these out!

I polled g the other day and interest was shown in reworking the thumb cluster (already done for Gergo which brings it in a touch) and a larger ErgoDox! So the next build while I wait for these to come in is a MASSIVE split board.

This is the IBM Model F, with 122 keys it's classed as a 120% keyboard. To call it a monster is an understatement. Now the lovely folks have demanded more keys, so more keys we will give them. It's going to be a split ortho layout, with a connected numpad. I'm still in the design phase, but mockups will be posted here and mkg.

Stay tuned!