Gergo Timeline

Figured I might as well get a timeline out for the development of this bit of kit outlined so you all know what to expect. As of writing this the date is November 19th

Nov 19-Dec 5:   Receiving development boards/testing
Dec 6th:              Ordering first production run PCBs
Dec 14th:            Shipping First orders

Hopefully I didn't make any bonehead mistakes during laying out the board/ordering components. Assuming I got it right, the first window may be less then two weeks or possibly more. With the current status of Canada Post, I'm expecting delays in getting parcels shipped to and from me. At this point, ordering a wrong component could be the difference between a simple bodge or waiting on a rushed Digikey order.

Assuming that the design works and does not require major tweaking to be functional, I can then move on to testing and getting the QMK port working. Thankfully this is a fairly straightforward process, with the exception of getting the mouse driver in order. When in doubt, the hardware can be shipped when all the software (with the exception of the mouse handling code) is ready. I can always add that in and have it made available online.

Once I have a confirmed working prototype the first batch of black PCBs will be ordered. These will be production ready boards (with the rest being sold at discount) and any further modifications will be slight tweaks to the design. In the event of some critical failure, I will update the blog and process any refunds necessary. 

My board house is backlogged and should be able to have the first run of boards in the mail to me by Friday Morning. I'll keep you posted on the blog!

Thank you once again for supporting gBoard Heavy Industries!