The black production boards have been sent from factory! I should be able to start shipping by the end of week. Exciting times!

Anyway, here's a photodump while I wait.

Another update: It's all good!

Awesome! Everything including the Trackball works. I'm going to finish my little boards and submit the Gerbers for fabrication :)

One thing that I forgot was that these trackballs were meant to be used in small phones to navigate lists and grids. As such they update positions at a fairly slow rate (about 10/revolution). To compensate for this I did something kind of neato, there's a configurable default scrolling speed defined in, this speed is then multiplied by the active layer number. Modifiers, Layers and a few other things go into modifying this number, but one is for sure. Hold a layer for speed!

Take care,
-- Germ

Gergo updates!

It's working! Well more or less anyway, still have some testing to do later tonight, but there's switches on her, and I've been using it for the last few days without any major issues :)

After this is done, I have some tweaks to add to my project and we should be good to go to fab! I'll keep you posted.

-- Germ

Dev Boards v2!

Good news everyone! I just got a big-honkin' box of parts for the orders and the next batch of dev pcbs!

These guys use the new footprint and will be compatible with my next projects for Gergo! In other news this is the first time I've ordered enough parts for a tray and a reel. Neat!

Expect more updates soon :)

Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.


Gerbers were submitted a little while back but DHL is taking it's sweet time to get them to me. I want to verify my design works dammit! I've added something new to Gergo however. As well as running a giveaway on Twitter and Reddit this new revision should make Gergo something special, the downside is that I need to pick up a new set of skills!

But while that's in the works, I'll let you in on something I've been working on for Gergo, props to all the suggestions people have been giving me with this contest :)

Merry Christmas!
  -- Germ

Gergo update: Bodges, Bodges everywhere!

Noun. bodge (plural bodges) A clumsy or inelegant job, usually a temporary repair; a patch, a repair.

Good news! Things are coming together at a (slower then I'd like) pace, but progress is being made. Although there have been setbacks and bodges applied to keep development going.

Current Pcb issues:
 - For some reason a few of the diodes are flipped. You can tell which way they go in, but it's extremely annoying. Nothing a little desoldering and flipping can't fix
- The footprint I made for the SSOP-24 MCP23018 put VCC on pin 1, and ground on pin 10. That should have been flipped. A few bent leads and wires around the board works though.
- I didn't have a spare TRRS cable, so I bodged in some long wires
- Somehow mixed up SDA and SCL, flipped those in my cable

oh and there's this.
Thought it was weird that I was getting double presses, that wasn't software though. Aight, maybe I can cut a trace? Nope, the autorouter worked some serious voodoo optimizing that section. NEVER TRUST THE AUTOROUTER.

So needless to say, those are getting fixed and a new fresh batch of dev PCBs will be on it's way. Thankfully DHL is pretty damn fast. There's still a bunch of stuff I can work on while it's on it's way.

PCB updates:
- Fix all the above fuck-ups
- Add USB-C port instead of MiniUSB
- Improve spacing of TRRS from board
- Use Tri-footprint (MX-Alps-Choc) for switches
- Never trust the autorouter again

Apart from those minor setbacks, everything is proceding at a decent pace. Stay tuned for updates!

Edit: Upon actually looking at USB-C connectors, I don't honestly think your average person can get that attached to a board without a ton of bridges and headache. I'm throwing enough at the assembler with that TQFP and SSOP package. The real hard part is the trackball, but if that can't be done it can just be replaced with a switch. If I'm reflowing them myself that's one thing, but it's just too much for so little gain.