A note about trackballs.

If you've ever dealt with shipping early stage hardware, you know all about delays. If you look at a product like the UHK, you'll see up to two years of lag time in fuffiling orders!

Why are these delays so common in Hardware? It's hard to get things right! Look at Gergo, a minor fuckup added three weeks to my expected ship date as I had to get another set of samples to verify my design before getting the production ready units! But at least we're shipping now.

Let's talk about trackballs, right now I have a handful of these guys left and my supplier is taking their time getting the rest of them to me. But until they're in I have to ration them out. If you ordered just a bunch of trackballs or a Gergo with multiple balls, your order will be coming in once those balls arrive. The reasoning is simple, if I fulfill a single order of 5 trackballs, that's 5 Gergos that could have shipped. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few :(

That being said I'm working to get these out as soon as I can!

-- Germ