20% Off Storewide, Butter Stick, Shipping Updates and Fun!

Happy Easter! there's still 24hours to get 15% off your order over in the store of 80$ or more. Use discount code EASTERKEEBS at checkout.

Now with that out of the way, Georgis firmware has finally hit v1: Stenoknight. Many thanks to the beta testing crew that broke their devices in weird ways to get us here, the amount of changes between v0.01 and v1 has been insane (with 95% of the work going into QWERTY mode, there's even layers now!). Now that stable is here I've started shipping out the units (over 30 in this last mailbag!) so expect those to be hitting your mailbox soonish.

Also releasing Butter Stick, the 20% fullsize ortholinear keyboard. It's ridiculous and based off of Georgis firmware. Crazy how a little bit of software opens up some strange use cases.

Stay tuned for more crazy shenanigans!
    -- Germ