Introducing Gergoplex!

Wow, long time no updates. I'm still active around the communities and building/shipping boards though.

As far as the backlog goes, I'm caught up to May 05 (with the exception of two orders), and am on track to have it cleared out fairly quickly here. Thank you for your patience!

I have a new board in development, Gergoplex! It fixes a few connector issues with Gergo/Georgi, shaves off a few keys and moves to using only 1us. As well as having per-key RGB and backlighting and support for MX/Choc/Alps/X.

I wasn't a fan of getting rid of the 1.5s, but a major complaint of Gergo was sourcing them was a issue. This board is a similar to crkbd/helidox/corne with one major advantage.

Gergoplex will only be available as a assembled PCB. All that's required is to install your switches and caps. As is tradition, as case you don't need will also be available for purchase.

The major differences between this and crkbd are the lack of OLEDs (this frees up space for some extra keys), a single onboard controller (no dual MCU or promicro nonsense), ErgoDox style expander design and entirely assembled.

Stay tuned!