Logistics & Updates

Howdy everyone,

The terrible connectors are finally dead. I've replaced the MiniUSB & TRRS with proper through-hole components. Jacks ripping off has been a issue and this solves that problem. Thank God.

That being said, I have a bunch of orders that are currently waiting to go out on cables and a few more waiting on caps. So that's no fun :(

If you haven't heard I'm running a sale on B-Stock Gergo: Protocol and Buttersticks. Turns out I fucked up the footprint for X switches so they're almost perfect, but not quite. You can get the newest boards at a discount over here (kits only!)

I've been giving much thought to Gergoplex as well. If you've seen the design before, forget about that. I'm going to be publishing a massive post (possibly a Xanudoc) on ergonomics. The post will be separated into the following sections and conclude with the GergoPlex's final design.
  • The Hand And It's Interactions (Analysis of keyboard functionality and ergonomics overview)
  • Historical/Cultural roots that lead to specfic design descions.
  • Current ergonomic solutions overview
  • Ergonomic/Mechanical/Manufacturing tradeoffs
  • Re-contextualizing the keyboard/Future of Gergo
So taking everything I've learned over the last year and adding in fun developments to make a improvement. Hopefully without going full datahand.

I'll keep you posted!

-- Germ