Long Time No Update

Holy hell!

There's been so much new stuff I've been wanting to work on but the stores been busy as hell. Hence why GergoPlex is taking so long (the other reason being, I need time to congeal my research and not just rush a board!).

Either way it's been chooching along fairly well, backlogs are reasonable and being handled (worst case email me!) and the Qlavier groupbuy is progressing well.

As of right now the cases have been cut, just waiting on some mounting hardware before that big box of acrylic ships it's way to me. On my end I've already recieved the PCBs and have been building them up for kitting together :)

Apart from that Gergo seems to be doing well with only minor changes required for rev4: Psyche, nothing functionally different. If you have anything you can think of to add to the PCB please get in contact with me!

With all that being said, I just wanted to say that this has been a crazy experience for me. Thanks to all of you for supporting me in this weird endeavor. I didn't expect it to turn into more then a personal board but it's doing something. Even the memey shit like ErgoTaco and Butterstick or the Stenography boards (Did you know: There are a few people using ButterSticks as their main keyboard? That's nuts!)

Keep being weird and stay tuned!
 -- Germ