What's New, What's Happening

Morning all!

It's been a busy few weeks around here at gBoards so I figured I might as well let you in on what's going down.

Qlavier Groupbuy: Half the problem with communicating about groupbuys is there's periods of time where nothing is happening. This is one of those times, still waiting on a bunch of hardware to make it to him before I can get my mitts on the cases and start shipping. Needless to say I'll keep you posted here :)

Gergo Ready: I've gone ahead and managed to get a bunch of 1.5u and 2u choc caps in White and Black. Now that I have those, fully assembled (and non-gaptacular) Readies can be produced. As these use the same bits as Georgi and I'm only offering them with 12g chocs! Downside is that the switches are more expensive and I have to swap them by hand. But if you want to try the low-pro ergo life there's a option for you. (Alternatively: Buy a Kit, Mod Kit and source the switches elsewhere + 1us to save some cash!)

Store Delays: The main reason I'm writing this post! As some of you know I work at a hotel with fairly minimal staff. As such, when someone leaves or is ill we band together to run the thing. There's not enough people to adopt a 'not my problem'  attitude, we make sure the place runs.  Recently one of our night auditors quit and we started looking for a new one, in addition staff have been ill and I've been busy with orders. This means that the last two weeks have been 50+ hours for me before I even get to gBoards.

The truth is my job is making sure buildings don't burn down, this gives me time to work on my own products/designs but I can't actually do builds or pack orders when I'm sitting behind a desk!

I've talked to my manager and we've since hired two auditors instead only one. With this I'm cutting my time back from 5 shifts a week two only 2. This added time will allow me more freedom to actually run the damn store. So in a week I'll be more then free enough to clear the backlog that's been piling up, hurrah!

The Future:
With this change comes something I've been trying to do for the past few months. new projects! With the limited time to actually fulfill orders, making more for the workload didn't make sense. So here's a few of the things I'll be banging out once everything is cleared. (If you're waiting to order, don't bother. These aren't getting timelines apart from "Soon^TM")

Gergo: Psyche (rev4). A minor update to Gergo that fixes some small issues and refines the design more. Add some stabs, clean some routing, minor footprint fixes. Nothing major compared to Protocol.

Ginny: A 10key chorded keyboard! Reception of Georgi was better then expected so why not take the idea to it's logical conclusion. 10fingers, 10keys, 0motion. Based on the same engine as Georgi

The Ergo Post: Because it's been months and GergoPlex needs to be sorted and it's reasons explained.

GergoPlex: A stripped down, user hostile and crazy ergonomic keyboard that makes you use it the 'right way'. Probably going to take after the MiniDox to be honest. SMD, dirty silks, you know the drill. Check the previous posts for more info.

DennyTom Engine: DennyTom has been working for the past few months on what can only be described as the steno engine to end all steno engines. It's amazing, blows Georgis firmware out of the water and put simply is a testament to what one man on a mountain can do. This will be the firmware running on ButterStick, Ginny and Georgi. Quite honestly, this is better then anything the Neutrino Group could have dreamed of. (Speaking of, if one of them reads this I'd love to work on keyboard design with you!)

So yeah.

Thanks for your patience with orders as gBoards enters a new era of keyboarding! There's been kinks ironed out along the way and it's only getting better. I'm not ready to jumping to this full time, but we're pretty damn close.

Also, running to Japan in December for two weeks. If you want to meet up and grab some drinks or fuck around: Hit me up!

In other Choc related news:
CorruptedCaps is now running beautiful Kailh Choc artisans and MKUltra is selling pre-coloured Chocs! Go give them some love if you want to spice up your board :)