Weather Update: It's Raining

Howdy again!

Got a few updates on what's going on over here, let's start with the fun stuff.

Prototypes for Ginny, FaunchPad, GergoPlex and BuzzSaw have been submitted! So get hype for those, I'll post more about them once I have the protos but here's the short
- GergoPlex: Choc only Gergo with 36 keys
- FaunchPad: SMD 2x4 macropad
- Ginny: 10key split ergo with chorded qwerty
- BuzzSaw: Choc Alice clone that can be snapped apart and turned into a split 40%

So those are going to be fun!

Shipping Updates:
- Springs have been at the border for the past month, so that's bullshit.
- Still waiting on PCBs for Georgi/Gergo
- Still waiting on Chocs to arrive

Turns out that around National Day in China there's a 7Day holiday that pretty much shuts everything down. So the PCBs almost made it out of China before that and Kailh is just processing my switches now. So that's lovely. I learned about CNY last year, but this came out of left field. At least I know for next year

Qlavier Groupbuy: The hardware is now in Belgium. So should be receiving a big ass box pretty quick here.

I'm looking forward to stocking the four boards I mentioned, but I'll be on holiday between Nov 26th - Dec14th, during this time I'll have a big-ass notice on the store! Going to Japan to fuck around so that should be fun :)