Status Update: Out For Two Weeks!

Been a weird week here for me, I have orders but can't ship right now because I'm waiting on products to get to me. To say it's infuriating is a understatement.

Good news is that all spring orders are cleared and the parts I've been waiting on should be in today (woooo, long weekend!). That means I can resume shipping Gergos (Out of PCBs), Georgis (Out of switches) and start shipping the GergoPlex's, Ginnis, FaunchPads and BuzzSaws (last run had issues and needed to be re-run, hence the discount code!).

Next up: Qlavier group buy! Box of acrylic has been shipped and I'm just waiting on it to come on in

Lastly, I'm taking two weeks off for the first time since I started this train, any orders placed between now and Nov 26th _might_ ship before I leave, I'll be back in action on Dec 14th. This mainly effects builds and partials, Kits, Springs and B-Stocks will ship out quickly still.

Use discount code THEGOOSEISLOOSE for 10% off for waiting. If you're lucky and choose the right products it'll even ship before :)

Needless to say you can always email me if you need to chat, it's the best way to get a hold of me (or Discord, but email is really the best)