ButterStick Update // Wait Times

Happy Holidays!

Just got back from my trip to a giant pile of mail, including these!

Sorry about how long this entire group buy took. But we're in the homestretch now, assembling and shipping these out pretty quick here.

If you haven't seen it already, check out the photos I archived from Twitter/took myself from the Japan meetup.Some cool stuff! Album 1 Album 2

Also brought back a ton of cool magazines, books and keyboards. Look forward to those going up in the next few days here.

Lastly, the queue! I've got a ton of orders and am clearing them up now. As usual Kits, Springs and anything I can just shove in a bag will ship quickly. Anything that needs assembly (Partials, Readies) will be filled in chronological order. Either way, until I get through this mess use THEGOOSEISLOOSE for 10% off as a apology.

Thanks again and stay tuned!

-- Germ