Family Emergency + Backlog Mode

It's been a mess of a few weeks here. Had a family emergency come up and had to run the girlfriend out to see a dying family member, combo that with the previous vacation and everything else and I've been having a time. Needless to say the backlog is looking bad. I debated putting the store into maintenance mode because of it.

Until this gets cleared anything that requires a serious time investment (Partials/Readies, Georgi, ButterStick) are unable to be ordered. I've zeroed out the stocks for these until the queue is cleared. During this time Kits, Springs and Books will still be available for purchase. These orders take minimal time to clear as I'm just shoving stuff into a mailer, hence why they're still available.

Currently there are 170 outstanding orders to clear. Thankfully a few of these are kits.

Feel free to email me for a estimated timeframe or refunds on outstanding orders. It's been a bumpy year at gBoards finding our feet, but we're trying to be honest and transparent.

Thanks for staying tuned!

Queue: 132 (Jan 03), 99 (Jan 05) 80 (Jan 07)

Qlavier // Buttersticks 95% shipped
ButterSticks: 90% shipped
Georgis: 80%