Backlog Status

Last Update: Jul 18, 2020.

Fun Fact: Can/US is being wrecked by COVID-19 right now, this includes the postal service. Delivery standards are reduced but still working, expect delays (this appears to be clearing up slowly)! Getting stuff to the shop is effected here as well, hence the backlog :(

Current Blockers:
- MBK GB Shipment (In this week)
- Choc Caps (Will be in next week, prepping orders for shipment for when they arrive)

Current Issues:
- Ongoing family emergency, contact and shipments may be effected. Hug your loved ones ya goons.

Sorry again about all this. Your orders will get to you as I can get them out. Stay safe, be smart and stay healthy (The Corona 40 is real!).

As usual, feel free to contact me! I'll update this when I can remember to :)