Backlog Status

Updated: Feb 26th

Backlog grew a bunch over Chinese New Year, that's being cleared out at the moment.

Major, Major thanks to Archie for helping me out. Without her help, I'd still be hopelessly behind

Can/US is still being wrecked by COVID-19 right now, this includes the postal service. Delivery standards are reduced but still working, expect delays (this appears to be clearing up slowly)! 
Getting stuff to the shop is effected here as well, hence the occasional pileup, the main issue is that there is a longer-than-usual turnaround on any orders I place due to COVID and stresses on the postal system, consequently, those delays show up in fulfilling orders. Needless to say, this is less then ideal and is leading to delays on some orders. :(

I've decided to move all contact over to Discord, you can find my contact info over on the main site. If you can't use Discord feel free to use jane at gboards dot ca, just be aware that I take much much longer to respond there!

Thanks for putting up with me this year. Now onto bigger and better things!

Much love,
-- Jane