Backlog Status

Fun Fact: Can/US is being wrecked by COVID-19 right now, this includes the postal service. Delivery standards are reduced but still working, expect delays (this appears to be clearing up slowly)! 
Getting stuff to the shop is effected here as well, hence the backlog, the main issue is that there is a longer-than-usual turnaround on any orders I place due to COVID and stresses on the postal system, consequently, those delays show up in fulfilling orders. Needless to say, this is less then ideal and is leading to long delays on some orders. :(

Current Issues:
- Ongoing family emergency, contact and shipments may be effected. Hug your loved ones ya goons
- Georgi: Waiting on more PCBs
- GergoPlex Heavy: Limited production issues due to COVID/Fab. Contact me if you'd want to change to a Ready.
- Limited email contact, I will respond within a few days, but every moment spent taking care of email is time that could be going into the backlog. I get a ton of email.
- Some orders out this week are delayed waiting on bumpons, be aware!
I've taken measure to reduce the amount of orders that are coming through until the backlog is cleared up (But they'll be back). Some products are effected! 

Until further notice, some products are unavailable (most notably the Gergo and GergoPlex heavy). These products take much more time then their Ready counterparts and until this backlog is dealt with, it's really killing my shipping times. They will be back soon. 
Sorry again about all this. Your orders will get to you as I can get them out. Stay safe, be smart and stay healthy (The Corona 40 is real!). Thankfully we're in the home stretch with the COVID madness, once this is cleared it'll be smooth sailing, thanks for bearing with me!

As usual, feel free to contact me (may take a few days to respond)! I'll update this as things develop.