Backlog Status

Last Update: May 13, 2020.

Fun Fact: Can/US is being wrecked by COVID-19 right now, this includes the postal service. Delivery standards are reduced but still working.

- Out of gChoc, Choc White/Black. The restock is already in the post and should be here this week via DHL
- Out of Bumpers/TRRS. Usual supplier is out due to COVID, Amazon is taking forever
- Laid off until Coronavirus is contained. More time for keyboards. I'm better, but work is understaffed due to corona. Expect quicker turnaround time then usual

Current Blockers:
- MBK GB Shipment
- Kailh Restock
- Bumpers

What this really means is apart from springs, I can't ship anything at the moment. Boards are 90% completed waiting on parts to finish them off. As soon as my packages arrive I'll be able to get those out. As usual you'll get a shipment email.

Sorry again about all this. Your orders will get to you as I can get them out. Stay safe, be smart and stay healthy (The Corona 40 is real!).

As usual, feel free to contact me! I'll update this when I can remember to :)