COVID-19 Status

Hey everyone, here's hoping this message finds you safe and sane during this strange time.

As with almost everything, gBoards is effected by COVID-19 in a few ways. Namely I have a reduced fabrication capacity with my local fab, shipments are taking longer to get to and from me and the border is operating at a reduced capacity.

I've been limiting my mail runs to every week and a half. Mainly to reduce the exposure of my local posties. So be aware that if you get a shipping notification, it may not have hit the post yet!

As usual, expected delays/events will be logged in the post at the top of this blog. Thankfully with layoffs and all the time I've been spending at home the backlog is being destroyed at a good rate! Feel free to send me a email, I try to respond within 24hours to any and all inquiries :)

Stay safe and sane,
-- Germ