Life Changes / Contact!

Holy! It's been a year and a half over here!

Lets start with the biggest changes to gBoards, moving forward all contact is going to be done over Discord (you can find my tag on the Contact page of the main site.) There's a few reasons for this change, mainly, I am terrible at responding to emails in a prompt manner. Discord, while less formal, allows for a quicker turn around time. I'm hoping this alleviates the issues I've been having with email backing up.

I'm going to try and get through that backlog of communications. If you don't hear back soon, reach out via discord!

Also, if you still use BBM for some reason (lol), my ID is EF061352. Feel free to reach out there for fun.

You might have noticed if you've been paying attention that I've been having my own bag of changes with the migration to the new email address and all of that. To say it's been a trip to get used to is an understatement, thank you for being patient as everything stabilizes and I adjust everything.

Just do me a favour and don't pay attention to the PCB silkscreens until the next revision ok? :P

Stay Tuned,

-- Jane