Order Delays and News

 Hey everyone,

Right now I'm dealing with the loss of a close family member and all that entails. I've been running between my hometown and Saskatoon a ton and orders from the past two weeks need to be filled. We have the main stuff taken care of now, so it's going to be a slow return to normal over here.


Kits/Springs/Pack-and-mail items should all be bagged up here in 2-3 days. You should get emails about that.

Partials/Readies/Georgis are caught up to the 4th of April. I'm calling in more help to the shop to get these out and am hoping to be caught up a week after the kits and co are you.

Sorry again for the delays, if this wasn't a one person shop, this wouldn't be an issue.

-- Jane, May 13th


Well that was a lie, turns out May wasn't done with me. I had to spend some time up north taking care of cleaning a property, deal with a move and my long term relationship imploding. Add the stress of those together and I spent a few days in a hospital with a nasty infection. Thanks May, really did me a solid there.

Anyway! I'm back (knock on wood) and clearing through my outstanding communications. Springs will be cleared in the next 1-2 days, Kits should take another 1-2 after that. Partials/Readies/Georgis will be going out after that and filled in chronological order.

Feel free to reach out. I'm able to keep on top of communications now, and will try to respond within 24hours, if you don't hear back just bump the conversation!

Thanks again for bearing with me during all of this, it's been a mess but is only looking up :)

- Jane, June 02