gBoards Update: Fighting Fires

Greetings, sometimes words are hard to get out, but I'm going to try. I'm not doing well in the least, and if you've tried to contact me, order anything off the store you'd have noticed a severe absence on my part. There's reasons for that, but they don't matter, I should have taken care of this sooner.

May/June was a disaster for me. There was multiple deaths in the family and me and my siblings were called on to clean up their properties, me and my long term partner split, I've been in and out of hospitals dealing with a hell of a throat infection that I can't shake and my mental health entered a negative feedback loop. My life has become messy and I'm at a very low point, throw on the ever growing backlog to the stresses and I haven't been functional. The good news is a bit of therapy seems to go a long way, and a few of my friends have stuck around. So we're on the upswing (I bloody hope)

The problem with gBoards is been getting more popular, and I'm a one-person shop. Keeping up with demand was hard enough as it was before all of this happened. And now that I'm trying to rectify it, catch up and get back into the swing of things the mountain of orders feels insurmountable. I've been trying to get help put together, but there's not many people I can pull from. I thought I was in the clear with the last blog post, but life decided to throw more shit at me.

As such, I've shut down the main site to only Kit orders (or other things I can pop into bags and mail quickly). In addition, if you have an outstanding order with me and wish to refund it *please reach out* and I'll get that taken care of, it will make my life easier and get this back to normal quicker.

How am I going to rectify this going forward? There are some changes to gBoards coming.
- Order queue will be limited to 100 open orders (excluding GB items)
- Try to maintain a more active presence on Discord/Email
- Constantly updated realistic estimates for Partial/Ready orders on the site
- Recognizing when I'm not doing well *and take proactive steps to care for myself to avoid a repeat spiral*

Here's a few notes
- The last mailbag was taken about two and a half weeks ago, so if you received a shipping email in that timespan, it's still going out, just needs labels, but it's en route.
- Springs from the last week need to be shipped, those are happening in the next few days
- Some kits are waiting on PCBs to arrive. DHL has those and I should have them in a few days here, shipping after that
- The backlog of Partials/Readies is about two months deep now, hence the shutdown
- There's a ton of comfy cases waiting to go into the store

Looking at everything in the queue, I'm hoping to have this cleared out in a month or two, maybe sooner depending on how finding helpers goes and their availability.

I'm sorry for not handling this sooner,  I thought I was more capable of more then I actually was, and denial is a hell of a drug. If this was your first experience with gBoards, let me assure you it's not par for course around here, I'm just in the middle of a transitory period and trying to handle.

I'm sorry you had to be here at this time, and I thank you for your understanding.

Reach out to me on Discord!

-- Jane